Keynote speakers

conference Keynote speaker and workshop host: Tim Gentle

Tim Gentle, founder of Think.Digital, Digital Crusader, Educator and Entrepreneur  is a passionate advocate for regional, rural and remote Australia.

With more than 20 years experience in marketing and the digital world, Tim’s energy, enthusiasm and industry knowledge has been shared in over 1000 workshops, across Australia and internationally. Tim has also architected more than 1000 websites for an array of customers.

Tim’s latest innovative effort, #ThinkDigitalCoach, is a hi-tech 14-metre classroom on wheels, which travels throughout Australia providing digital education, experiences, and education to students of all ages.

As the keynote speaker and a workshop host at the 2018 National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) conference, through the support of Australian Wool Innovation, Tim will share his vision of how we all can help bridge the digital divide between the city and country.

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Conference dinner speaker: Michael McQueen

We have managed to secure multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author Michael McQueen as our keynote speaker at the 2018 NAAE conference dinner.

Michael understands what it takes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Widely recognised for having his finger on the pulse of business and culture, Michael has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate change and stay ahead of the curve.

As a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends, Michael features regularly as a commentator on TV and radio and has written four bestselling books.
His first book, The ‘New’ Rules of Engagement focuses on strategies for leading and connecting with Generation Y.  Michael’s newest release, Winning the Battle for Relevance is a revealing look at why even the greatest brands and organisations become obsolete… and how to avoid their fate.

In his practical, research-rich and entertaining presentation Michael will explore:

  • the five shifts that have dramatically changed the face of education in recent decades.
  • the three key trends that will shape education in the years to come — the changing nature of students, the climate of the classroom and the expectations of parents.
  • practical and proven strategies for engaging tomorrow’s students in learning.

You will leave this presentation equipped and inspired to navigate the challenges and changes that lie ahead — and stay one step ahead of them.

Find out more about Michael and view a snapshot of some of his presentations on his  website.

Craig chetty

conference Keynote speaker: Craig Chetty | student Edge

Craig is passionate about young people being taught relevant life-skills and being equipped to make great life choices. In particular, he is keen to help young people make informed career choices so they can be connected with a pathway that matches their skill-set and passion.

During 2003, along with three other classmates, Craig helped start Student Edge. Student Edge is a membership-based organisation for secondary and tertiary students, with more than 950,000 members. Student Edge’s vision is to create a world where students are empowered and supported to make great life choices. Through its website and mobile app, Student Edge provides a number of services to students, to help them save and manage money, get job ready and discover their career pathway.

As an industry, we know there is a growing disconnect between producers and consumers of agriculture. We also know that the modern agricultural industry offers young people diverse and in-demand career opportunities that help support a sustainable agricultural workforce.

Why are we not reaching them?

Craig will summarise result from recent research investigating perceptions of secondary students towards agriculture, with insights into how they access and explore potential careers. Commissioned by the Shire of Manjimup’s SEED Program, this research conducted by Youth Insight has been made possible through Royalties for Regions funding by the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). The time is ripe to grow the capacity of our future agricultural workforce…and we need to work together.

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