Conference presentations

Over the next few weeks we will add a number of the presentations and links to presenter websites as they become available.

Tim Gentle | Think.Digital | FarmVR

Keep up with all think virtual on the FarmVR website.

Australian Pork | Educational resources

Australian Pork Limited has a range of exciting resources for students of all ages in their Education toolkit.

Craig Chetty | Student Edge

Read the full report from Craig’s presentation: Developing student interest in the agriculture sector.

Forest Learning | Agroforestry — Trees at Work on the Farm!

Produced by a senior agricultural science teacher for year 9–10 agriculture students (NB: activities are also applicable to science and design and technology), and with assistance from Private Forests Tasmania, CSIRO, University of Tasmania, Yan Yan Gurt West Farm, Private Forestry Service Queensland, The University of Melbourne, this resource showcases current Australian case studies and the real science underpinning the use of trees within an agricultural landscape for productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability.

Download your class copy here!